Anonymous asked:

More pictures and less words, PLEASE. Especially words from cranks. It's better to ignore them than to publish their posts (which they want), get sucked into a debate with them, and distract from your blog's core mission, i.e. sharing lovely pictures of interesting places.

No I hear what you’re saying, I really do, and I don’t mean to single you out -  but I’m gonna copy and paste something from my FAQ and I promise this is the last time I’ll talk about it:

  1. If people who follow my blog take the time to send me a nice, relevant, or funny message I feel the polite thing to do is answer it. No that doesn’t mean I’m going to give in or give time to people who are clearly out to troll or be an asshole or publish every anon asking for more pictures of New Foundland (of which I get a strange amount) (shout out to New Foundland love you guys).
  2. I actually make a real, concerted effort to space out my anon answers. I reblog travel pictures in-between, delete them after a certain period of time and try my best not clog dashboards. I’m a compulsive pushover who wants to please everyone and I actively try not to annoy people. I know, I do a shitty job of it.
  3. I use the tag ‘ttwanon’ on all my Anon answers so feel free to black list/tumblr savior
  4. I know people follow this blog for travel pictures. I harbor no illusions that I’m funny or interesting. Sometimes it’s just nice to talk to people? I really do try to keep it to a minimum. Again, apologies for having a personality or enjoying minimal human interaction. My bad.
  5. It is my blog to do with what I like, not yours. I don’t know a nicer way to say it. I’m totally open to suggestions and criticisms and am genuinely thankful for every follower I have - but if my answering the occasional anon truly bothers you, you don’t have to follow. There are lots of travel blogs who don’t bother with Anons at all and are infinitely less annoying than me. I’m so co-dependent I’ll even provide you with a list.
  6. Ya’ll should see the Anons I don’t publish. Not to sound obnoxious, like I’m so ~popular and I get tons, because I’m not and I don’t. But yeah. You’re welcome?



Untitled by Andy Bokanev | Flickr
Washington, US


At Appleton Pass (by IggyRox)

Anonymous asked:

How can you be a travel blog when you actually don't ever travel/don't know anything about traveling? Pathetic.


I never claimed to be a travel advice blog, I just like posting pretty pictures. It’s not my fault mis-guided souls send me anons asking for advice - which sometimes I publish to let those who do know more about the subject answer. I’m a teacher, I like to give people the opportunity to learn things, including myself.

Also there is thing called money. Paying for airplane tickets, food, and other expenses requires at least some of it, no matter how cheaply you travel. I’m sorry my life didn’t work out to give me the opportunities to make enough money to travel as much as I like and I have to, you know, pay bills and stuff. No one is more bummed out about it than I am. Please don’t even try that ‘if travel is a real priority  you can make it happen! money isn’t an excuse!’ crap. You don’t know my life, and the real world does not work like that.

Does not having an endless bucket of money to travel with mean I can’t appreciate landscapes and architecture in other places? Would you rather I just decide to keep my non-wealthy self at home and never think or dream about the world outside my city? Would that make you feel more secure in your own choices? I saved for years working soul sucking minimum wage jobs just to go on my one overseas trip that meant the world to me, but apparently  because I had to come back home and work for a living instead of taking a year and whimsically backpacking through Europe I’m pathetic?

Not to mention, shaming someone on anon because they haven’t had the money or opportunity to travel? That seems pretty pathetic to me. 


Budapest, Hungary | by 625lineas
Beachy Head ‘11
East Sussex, England | by Christopher Hope-Fitch
Bergen, Norway | by Daniela Nobili

Passauer Dom St. Stephan // 1.2014
Reaching Branches
Auckland, New Zealand | by PerkyBeans

  Blue Sky at Night | Chris Moore

Iceland Waterfall (by Seven Block).
Ein Wintermärchen - Burg-Hohenzollern, Weihnachtlich im schneeverzauberten Schlosshof / 37/420 v by roba66 Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

A Interesting Sky #87 by Jared of PC on Flickr.
Opaque  by  andbamnan