Dolmabahce Palace, Istanbul, Turkey | by sforzinda
La Dordogne
Beynac-et-Cazenac, Aquitaine, France  by Ben IOM
The historical capital of Bohemia…
Prague, Czech Repubilc | by Julia Davila-Lampe
Blue Lagoon
Iceland | by storyspinn


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The Magic of Bled Island - Photographer


The stunning Nasir al-mulk Mosque hides a gorgeous secret between the walls of its fairly traditional exterior: stepping inside is like walking into a kaleidoscope of colors. Every day, the rays of the early morning sun shine through colorful stained-glass windows, transforming the halls into a dazzling wonderland of rich hues, patterns, and light that play on the floor of the mosque.

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Baatara Gorge waterfall, Lebanon (via modernbasics).

Manhattan at dusk - Penthouse looking down The Plaza
Doolin, Ireland near the Cliffs of Moher
submitted by: thisismyinfinitewanderlust, thanks!

Yazd, Imamzadeh Jafar, Iran by BeeFortyTwo
Torres del Paine National Park, Chile.
 Photo marcelo ferrer @ grandmilodon, thanks!

uh oh

Opaque  by  andbamnan