Sunset in Oia | by 5ERG10

43° 35′ 44.69″ S, 170° 8′ 27.75″ E

'Cascada de la Cueva' by travelpix photography

Okay I’m sitting here editing a paper for someone, and it got me wondering if this is a marketable skill people would be into here on tumblr?

like are there people who would pay a very reasonable fee for a licensed teacher to edit/review/fix/look over (but obviously not ~write for you cause that would be cheating and the teacher in me can’t get behind that……/cough) your work?

This would be middle, high school and college level - I could provide examples of my writing, some references of people here on tumblr who know me in the real world and can vouch for my teaching/academic/writing ~skills etc.



Venice, Italy | Antonio Velazquez Bustamante

Sakura Drops 2014 | Masato Mukoyama

A Mongolian first-grader with a Mickey Mouse backpack walks home from school, against the backdrop of the Altai mountains. Photo by Andrew Cullen.

GET TO KNOW ME MEME || (2/5) royal palaces: Frederiksborg Castle (Denmark)

Frederiksborg Palace is a palace located in Hillerød, Denmark. It was built as a residence for King Christian IV between 1602 and 1620. Frederiksborg Castle is the largest renaissance castle in Scandinavia. The palace is located on three small islands in the middle of Slotsøen (Palace Lake) and is adjoined by a spectacular formal garden in the Baroque style. Since 1878, Frederiksborg Castle has housed the Museum of National History and since 1693, the Palace Church has been used as the knight’s chapel for the Order of the Elephant and the Order of Dannebrog.

On 18 November 1995, Prince Joachim of Denmark and Alexandra Christina Manley were married in the Palace Church. Following their divorce in 2005, Alexandra was created Countess of Frederiksborg by Queen Margrethe II in honour of where her marriage to Joachim took place.

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Chicago {Brandon Sharpe}

Birds on the Bar | ©Yve Assad
A sandbar off the coast of South Carolina near Edisto Island is a heaven for a variety of migrating birds.

Mac-Mac Falls, South Africa by Konrad Blum


Love this!  Let’s get a bunch of us tumblr peeps who are a bit crazy and move here!  in the mean time enjoy the pics :D  

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side by side
Clear Lake, Oregon | by Emi Lenox
Brienz, Switzerland | by Patryk Sadowski
Opaque  by  andbamnan