Gaudí Casa Batlló 
Barcelona, Spain | by mbell1975
Here Comes Summer
Southerton, Devon, England | by Andrew Turner


For those that have been very super sweet and asking - I actually have a job / start date coming up with amazon which is great, but I won’t be getting paid until August and my bills are crazy overdue and I’m super stressed. I’ve picked up a little bit of babysitting and other temp jobs for some cash (as well as working on teaching myself to program Java in the hopes of getting a coding job someday) but unfortunately funds are still a bit short of what I need to get by in the meantime (food, gas, phone bill, etc), so if anyone would be as super kind to help out even a tiny little bit (please see the donate link on the main page) I would forever and ever and ever be in your debt.

In the same vein, if you run a travel or travel photography related tumblr or website and are interested in running an ad through this blog, please see the business opportunity page for details. Thank you!

I really don’t like the idea of taking handouts, especially when there are so many people who genuinely need it more than me, so if it helps, I have plans for when I’m back in the black to pay it forward - I’ll match whatever donations get made now and put it towards a charity or good cause. Hopefully I can manage this by Christmas, if not sooner. (I’ll get input from ya’ll when that happens as to which one specifically, maybe we’ll vote or something, I’m open to suggestions)

And thank you all so much for following and being so sweet and supportive in my continuation of failed adulthood and poverty, etc. And for putting up with me and this blog in general.  Even the people who just send a nice message, it’s more appreciated than you know!

♥ I love you all so much ♥


Venice, Italy | by Dan//Fi

Terrasses of the lower Mesa falls by Raphael Bick on Flickr

Santorini, Greece (by Hydraheerd)

Stairway to the South Downs, East Sussex, England by Edd Allen

Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

Kirkjufell aurora by Kevin Gorton
Goseong-Gun, Kangwon-Do, South Korea | by Kang Heewan
Poznan, Poland | by erik witsoe
Forest Stairway
Mt. Si, Washington, USA | by Alex
Meknes, Morocco | by Frans.Sellies

Wernigerode, Germany
Opaque  by  andbamnan