Abandoned City Hall Subway Station

New York City, December 2013

My girlfriend’s father works for the MTA in New York and took us on a special train to stop at this beautiful piece of history. It was one of the first subway stations built in the city back in 1904, making it well over 100 years old. It shut down in 1945 because it was only handling about 600 passengers per day. Since then, it has sat practically untouched from the public. There’s still black paint over the skylights to prevent the possibility of a German air raid destroying the subways. It was eerie to be standing there, but so incredibly fascinating as well.

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I need to get to know London again. Breathe it in. Every quiver of its beating heart.
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Hey, if you had the choice of being able to travel everywhere you wanted to go but it meant that you would live ten years less than you normally would, would you want to travel? Not trying to be morbid, just wondering!

No that’s an interesting question

I grew up with an ICU nurse for a mom who was always telling me horror stories about old people and ventilators and feeding tubes and nursing homes etc so trading away the last 10 years in exchange to go absolutely everywhere?

Combine that with my currently super boring poverty-stricken lifestyle and I probably would



Flying over Chicaco, IL | Jeff Filman
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...I think you're great. This is one of my favorite blogs. Keep up the good work! It is very appreciated!



Scenic beauty of Klosters (by Gabrielle Königsegg)
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Which fictional place would you love to travel to? Anywhere in any world.

can I cheat? like why settle for just one 



Through the crack | Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
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I really can't stand when people send asks saying "don't post this or that". What right do they have saying what you can and can't post?



Turquoise colored water of the Milky Way Cove in Rock Islands / Palau (by Alexandros Dimitriou).
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please stop answering the "where have you traveled to" questions. you have no idea how annoying it is


then tell them to stop sending them to me, I get annoyed by it as well. It’s super nice that people are interested in where I’ve traveled to but I’m very aware of how annoying all my Anon responses can be, trust me. 

I keep repeating I have a FAQ, I mention it in the disclaimer above the ask box and I don’t even publish a majority of them sent to me. IDK what else to do man

also lol the irony of an anon telling me other anons are annoying


Keizersgracht - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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An old photograph from last year when my buddy took me out to Crater Lake. We had to turn back 1 mile from the lake due to a terrible storm that made the road closed. We tried to hike there with these awful shoes I bought from Ebay for a low price by my foot sank in the soft snow and beneath my feet was the top of a small pine tree. Needless to say, we turned around only to find his truck buried beneath a mound of snow. We went into the visitor’s center and borrowed their shovel to dig it out …
Itanhandu, Minas Gerais, Brazil
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In honor of Presidents Day. Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC
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