Cheyenne River Valley by Bonny Fleming

Bucegi Mountains by ~Cristian Lee


10 Pictures that will Make You Fall in Love with Islamabad.

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan. Located within the Islamabad Capital Territory the population of the city has grown from 100,000 in 1951 to 1.15 million as of 2011, making it the ninth largest city in the country. Below is the selection of 10 pictures that will make you fall in love with this great city.

  1. Centaurus Mall.
  2. Faisal Mosque.
  3. 7th Avenue Islamabad.
  4. PM House.
  5. View of Islamabad from Monal.
  6. Blue Area Islamabad.
  7. Pakistan Monument.
  8. Jinnah Super Market.
  9. Rawal Lake.
  10. Zero Point.

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Swallow's Nest in Yalta, Crimea. Aerial view by Serguei Fomine


   Foliage of Sussex: a red tree in Arundel, cottage gardens at East Dean, trellis in Amberley Castle courtyard (my photos)

   Sorry sorry my computer has not been working I will do better in July. I do not blame you if you do not believe this, since generally I am just being lazy, but it is actually true.

Anonymous asked:

hello :) would you happen to know of any brazil fanblogs? or any blogs that are centered around portuguese (the language)?

brazilwonders is super awesome, one of my all-time favorite country-themed tumblrs - highly recommend. There are tons of Portuguese language blogs but since I don’t speak it I’m afraid I don’t follow many.

If anyone knows of anymore, or you are one, feel free to comment :)


Blyde River Canyon, South Africa | Leon Jacob

O’brien’s Tower - Cliffs Of Moher - Ireland (von cliff.hellis)

Falls Creek Falls State Park, Tennessee by Dancing Feather Photography

Normandy, France (by pierre m)  

Rome (by 26sketch(off))

Menchum Falls, Cameroon [4/32 World Cup Countries]
Opaque  by  andbamnan