Mount Fitz Roy || Dmitry PichuginArgentina

Sunrise at Grand Teton National Park by Rob Kroenert
Wyoming, USA

Maldives | Simon Ward
Anonymous asked:

why did you decide to be a teacher? what is it about it that inspires or drives you?

I wish I had some great articulate, philosophical answer about my passion for education and wanting to make a difference in the world but tbh I just really enjoy working with kids, and the feeling when you actually, you know, manage to teach them something -  despite the best effort of the government mandated curriculum - is super awesome. 



Reykjavík, Iceland
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Favorite videogame? Your blog is awesome, by the way ;)



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Over the Clouds by Jonathon Cyr 
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What tv shows are you into right now?




Koi Pond
Panyu, China | by Melinda
Madeira, Portugal  | by  Francisco Antunes
Calle de las Flores
Cordoba, Spain | by Maria Jose Almeida
Hannut, Liege, Belgium | by Pierre Hanquin
Opaque  by  andbamnan