Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey
Built in the first century, this structure has witnessed the Great Schism, the Crusades, the fall of Constantinople to the Ottomans, and was finally converted into a museum in the twentieth century.
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View from Boulevard Haussmann, Paris / France (by fede_gen88).
Lavender Fields, Provence, France
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Sunset at Lake Tahoe
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Baha’i Gardens, Haifa, Israel 
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Riva Del Garda, Lake Garda, Italy.
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Hidden Italian Side Streets in Verona.
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Up Monte Baldo, Lake Garda, Italy
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Victorian townhouse in Peckham, South East London, United Kingdom
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Borgo a Mozzano, Italy (by Genox51)


Eye of the Sahara

The Richat Structure in the Sahara desert of Mauritania. This structure is a deeply eroded, slightly elliptical, 40 km in diameter, dome. The sedimentary rock exposed in this dome ranges in age from Late Proterozoic within the center of the dome to Ordovician sandstone around its edges.

Initially interpreted as an asteroid impact structure because of its high degree of circularity, it is now argued to be a highly symmetrical and deeply eroded geologic dome. Despite extensive field and laboratory studies, geologists have found a lack of any credible evidence for shock metamorphism or any type of deformation indicative of a hypervelocity extraterrestrial impact. While coesite, an indicator of shock metamorphism, had initially been reported as being present in rock samples collected from the Richat Structure, further analysis of rock samples concluded that barite had been misidentified as coesite.

In addition, the Richat Structure lacks the annular depression that characterizes large extraterrestrial impact structures of this size. Also, it is quite different from large extraterrestrial impact structures in that the sedimentary strata comprising this structure is remarkably intact and “orderly” and lacking in overturned, steeply dipping strata or disoriented blocks.


Constantine, Algeria [30/32 World Cup Countries]

Hotel Tropicana, Libreville, Gabon


Marché de Mont Bouet, Libreville, Gabon, Raoul van Loo, 1969

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