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Passau, Germany

The Great Mosque of Algiers, Algeria
الجامع الكبير‎
Jemaa Kebir
Iguazu Falls, from the Brazilian side. Love the rainbow!
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At the prompting of several very kind people, I’m putting together a little post outlining what this was about the other day. If you want to unfollow out of principle, I totally understand and no hard feelings. I know that I’m very lucky and have much to be grateful for (the support of my family in particular), and that there are many people out there struggling much, much worse than me.

The very short version goes like this: I graduated college several years ago with a teaching degree (and even went back for additional certification  PreK-8 Math/Social Studies if you know a hiring principal) but there are literally hundreds+ applicants for every teaching job available in my area and it’s been a nightmare trying to find steady work of any kind. Moving or teaching overseas isn’t a realistic option for me at the moment, and in the mean time have for the last few years tried to support myself as best I can on minimum wage daycare and nannying gigs while living with family.

My last nannying job ran out last fall when my charges started school, and thanks to emergent dental and car bills I’m flat ass broke and trying desperately just to not default the student loans, put gas in my car and get my dog his shots while searching for a real, full-time work (can’t even get a call back from wal-greens, ugh) and back on my feet (and hopefully eventually to grad school / a real career).

I truly hate this and feel ashamed to even ask, but any donations people would like to make in the meantime via paypal on this travel blog would be truly, truly appreciated from the bottom of my heart. If it helps, there are people on tumblr who know me IRL and can vouch as to my genuine need / financial responsibility skills / not being a creeper taking advantage of people.

I can’t offer much in return besides priority submission publishing of your travel pictures / blog promos / travel picture upload requests / a thank you card / cat gifs / the undying love and gratitude of an unemployed teacher and her neurotic corgi but know that any little tiny bit you can give will genuinely help.

Running this blog for the last four years has been one of the few real highlights in my post-college career/life struggles, and to bother my lovely followers about this was something I was deeply conflicted about. However the overwhelming love and support of people on here has been amazing and more than I dare dreamed of, honestly.

I’m very humbled and truly grateful for people who are willing to help me get back on my feet, or those of you who simply take the time to send an encouraging message of support. It’s more appreciated than you know! ♥

If you would like to donate, you can click here or the donate button on my homepage, or even a signal boost would be super super awesome and amazing. If you do donate please let me know so I can thank you.

Thank you again and forever for your love and support I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH


♥ Liz

(and Toby)


Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain
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Zion Canyon (by Benjamin Ha//)

Salar de Surire Natural Monument - Chile (von lostin4tune - Thanks for 500’000+ views)

Vernazza ||  duolux-kristof....Italy
Innsbruck, Austria
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Mano del Desierto (Hand of the Desert) Located in the Atacama Desert Chile. It’s size is amazing!
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Kyiv, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, 2014
More travel photos from the city of Kyiv at photosfromkyiv.tumblr.com
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Bridge of Sighs, Venice
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Heidelberg, Germany
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khatoon Banoo-Aqda-Yazd-Iran
 Original building was erected about 1400 years ago
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Opaque  by  andbamnan