Random Road Trips: A Day In the North Cascades.
(Photographer - Michael LaMartin)

Didn’t have any plans yesterday afternoon, so my friend Bethany and I hopped in the car and drove east. Rainy days and “bad weather” make for a great time to visit normally overpopulated national parks. A few common lookouts, and a few hidden spots that required some mini mud hikes and climbs. Overall, a great, beautiful day.


Colors along the Nile, Nubia / Egypt (by Ali M.Sabry).

Venezuela {Vitali Gil}

Painted Ladies  (Rev Dan Catt)
Pont des Arts, Paris, France
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Lake Nojiri, Japan 
Tanning & Lakeing
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Yokohama, Japan
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Just wanted to say a quick but very heartfelt thank you to everyone who has donated, it has truly helped me out SO much, I can’t begin to tell you. Not just financially but the overwhelming love and support from my followers means everything - and not just the people who donated but those who reblogged or sent a encouraing message of support or simply found it in their hearts not to ragequit my annoying blog, truly I love you guys so much ♥


Ponce Inlet-Florida
By Saffron Belle Barham
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Ramsau, Bavaria, Germany
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La-Magdelena Beach, Santander, Spain
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Gardens of Versailles, France 
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Le Mont Saint-Michel - Normandie - France”Mont Saint-Michel" - Normandy - France
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Opaque  by  andbamnan