Sinuous Aurora (Canada) by Robert Postma || Website

The highest of them all, Angel Falls / Venezuela (by MarkBoyGreen).
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Good blog takes me to a lot of places without physically being there, your blog seems more than just pretty pictures - a teacher with hands full of knowledge. What do you teach?


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Going and Coming by Odette Holty via 500px.

500px / The Gorton Footbridge by Michael Bolognesi

Vyborg, Russia
Olympic National Forest, WA
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Limoux, France by Lhyza Libertad
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Kilbroney Park, Ireland
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Kerala, India
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Guadeloupe: view of Les Saintes from Basse-Terre
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Black Point, HI
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South Iceland
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Tahoe, Nevada
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Makapu’u, HI
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Opaque  by  andbamnan