Hartbeespoort Dam Rapids, South Africa by Konrad Blum
White Gate on the Road To Nowhere
Land’s End, Cornwall, England | by Joe Daniel Price
Royal Alcazars of Sevilla
Seville, Spain | by mbell1975
Japanese Gardens, Portland, Oregon | by Russell Flynn
Pha That Luang
Vientiane, Laos | by PerkyBeans

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Rome, Italy. April 2014 
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Walking The Mall - Washington, DCsubmitted by: imagesbyandrew, thanks!
Anonymous asked:

What is you prefered mode of transport?

Any kind of transport where I get to sit and not have to do anything


Roman Baths, England
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Koi steps in Seoul, South Korea
Photo by Kevin Lowry

Sand Art by Andres Amador - San Francisco (presso
Tiger Hill Pagoda in Suzhou, China. It was built during the Five Dynasties Period and is known as the “Leaning Tower of China”
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War and Peace by Jesse Summers
Living quarters in Shanghai, China
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Opaque  by  andbamnan