I took a stroll down the road on a mission to get a Waffle this evening. I’m only about a 25 minute walk away from Parliament and the London Eye and I remembered there is a pretty great waffle place right in the vicinity. The smell is intoxicating once you get across the street from it. When I got up to the window to order my waffle, the lady serving asked me if that’s all I was going to eat. I politely nodded and handed her my money. After giving me my waffle she handed me a chocolate covered marshmallow and strawberry kabob. I instantly told her I didn’t order it and she started laughing, “no love, you can’t have a waffle without enjoying this right after. Enjoy!” She ended up giving it to me for free. I like how complete strangers have been feeding me and buying me tickets to things since traveling here. Sometimes I feel like I have this sign on me saying, “Hi i’m a tourist and i’m helpless please tend to my woes.”

I took my waffle back across the street to sit in front of the parliament and take a moment to enjoy everything. I walked passed all the couples sitting on benches and holding hands walking down the same path. It was a beautiful night to be with someone. Cold enough to need another person next to you, but not too cold where holding hands is unbearable. And just perfect for me and my waffle :-)

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