Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain - La Sagrada Familia
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Gaudí Casa Batlló 
Barcelona, Spain | by mbell1975
Barcelona, Spain 
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Barcelona, Spain
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Park Güell, Barcelona | Spain (by Carlos Gotay)
La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain
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Springtime in Catalonia
Barcelona, Spain
Photography by Moeen Eshraghi
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Barcelona, Spain via Fernando Stankuns
Anonymous asked:

I'm traveling to Rome, Barcelona, Montenegro, Dubrovnik, Nice (in France).. Any suggestions in where to specifically visit?? :)

you could visit the website WikiTravel

alright followers, help an anon out if you so choose ?

or maybe just leave a comment saying the anon can contact you for more info since cramming that into a tumblr response might be difficult?


Casa Batlló ♦ Barcelona, Spain | by YoungDoo Moon


La Cascada by Charlie Wild on Flickr.
Barcelona, Spain | by tajfu
L’Observatori Fabra ♦ Barcelona, Spain | by SBA73 
Opaque  by  andbamnan