Pavia (Italy) by vincenzo morganti
Portofino, Italy
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 Beijing National Aquatics Center or WATER CUBE
Olympic Park
Beijing, China
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The Grassalkovich Palace in Bratislava, Slovakia (by Ricky on Flickr)
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Naritasan, Chiba, Japan
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Lednice Castle, Czech Republic (by Alan1954)
The Record Tower of Dublin Castle
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Gondola traffic jam in the canals of Venice
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Yachts in the harbor of Monaco’s Fontvieille quarter
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CN Tower, Toronto
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Giant Buddha in Leshan, China   i wanna visit so dang bad 

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Wissembourg - France (von Collin Key)

Guatapé (by Dafero)
Sun Falls on New York City
Midtown Manhattan, NYC | by Thomas Hawk
Opaque  by  andbamnan