Louisiana-based photographer Frank Relle captures the nighttime magic of New Orleans in his ongoing series New Orleans Nightscapes. He uses long exposures to capture the feeling of the powerful, haunting beauty throughout his hometown.

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Cinque Terre, Italy
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The Wailing Wall, Jerusalem
This was taken a few hours before riots broke out in the Old City to protest the Israel/Gaza conflict that began July 8th. 
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Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey
Built in the first century, this structure has witnessed the Great Schism, the Crusades, the fall of Constantinople to the Ottomans, and was finally converted into a museum in the twentieth century.
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View from Boulevard Haussmann, Paris / France (by fede_gen88).
Riva Del Garda, Lake Garda, Italy.
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Hidden Italian Side Streets in Verona.
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Victorian townhouse in Peckham, South East London, United Kingdom
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Constantine, Algeria [30/32 World Cup Countries]


Marché de Mont Bouet, Libreville, Gabon, Raoul van Loo, 1969

The ground is not enough
Oberhofen Castle, Switzerland | by Marcela
Chicago, Illinois, USA | by Adam Foster

Feldman Residence | WAV
Opaque  by  andbamnan