Valparaíso by Lugar_Citadino™ on Flickr.

Monument to the Discoveries in Lisbon, Portugal.
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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


The Arte Sella, looks to be one of the most magical, fairytale woodlands in the world. Since 1986 this astounding destination in the Sella Valley in Italy has been dotting the landscape with the amazing works of over 200 contemporary artists from all over the world. A future holiday destination for sure!

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Ancient Sky Map
California, USA | by Grant Kaye
Belgrade, Serbia
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Miniature London, London.
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Recently took a trip to Belfast, quite a poignant and mixed up city but lots of great street art and incredible murals. 
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Sydney, NSW, Australia | by Kaye Bennett
Eiffel Tower art (Paris, France) | by Jennilynn Ulanday
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Mosaic Art of Islamic Mosques 
Berlin, Germany
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Miami Art District
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Opaque  by  andbamnan