Miami Art District
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Thread installation work of Gabriel Dawe

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Berlin Wall, Berlin, Germany
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Dancing in the Dark
Standing at the base of London’s famous Tower Bridge is the David Wynne Sculpture/Fountain ‘Girl with a Dolphin’.
“Girl with a Dolphin sculpture and fountain is located on the Thames Path East outside the Thistle Tower Hotel in the shadow of Tower Bridge Landmark. Sculptor David Wynne, born 1926, is noted for his animal sculptures and the depiction of movement. This sculpture gives the illusion of the figures flying unsupported.”
To back this ‘unsupported’ visage, the blue streak you can see, is actually water from the fountain, and not a support pole. The only part of the statue touching the base of the fountain is the dolphins tail.
Tower Bridge itself is an iconic landmark of England, featuring prominently in the marketing for the London 2012 Olympic Games. Tower Bridge was completed in 1894 and allowed tall masted ships to dock at the Pool of London, whilst simultaneously provided a new river crossing made necessary due to the increase commercial development in London’s East End.
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Biodiversity Center of Basque Country, Spain
Frankfurt, Germany
Munich, Germany
Nemi - town near Rome, Italy
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Flower Owls | Nantou County, Taiwan© Ernesto JT

Caloosahatchee Manuscripts by Tony Pratt
Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Endless Stairs in Munich, Germany
Customs House during the Vivid Festival Light Installation, Sydney, Australia
The Traveling Man, Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas, USA
Opaque  by  andbamnan