Anhui, China | by chenroom

Alineación Cósmica by One Eyed Jack
Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan
A little shrine off to the side of the main temple at Asakusa. The sakura (cherry blossoms) are just starting to bloom. 
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Olympic National Stadium commonly known as the BIRD NEST
O;ympic Park
Beijing, China
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The Great Wall of China
Beijing, China
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Sunset at Tsuen Wan Harbour, Hong Kong
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Sakura in Shibuya by (·Nico·)
Goseong-Gun, Kangwon-Do, South Korea | by Kang Heewan

Tea Farm Spring -  Zhang Ning

Xuan Che


Mt.Fuji in 4 Seasons by shinichiro* on Flickr.

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10 Pictures that will Make You Fall in Love with Islamabad.

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan. Located within the Islamabad Capital Territory the population of the city has grown from 100,000 in 1951 to 1.15 million as of 2011, making it the ninth largest city in the country. Below is the selection of 10 pictures that will make you fall in love with this great city.

  1. Centaurus Mall.
  2. Faisal Mosque.
  3. 7th Avenue Islamabad.
  4. PM House.
  5. View of Islamabad from Monal.
  6. Blue Area Islamabad.
  7. Pakistan Monument.
  8. Jinnah Super Market.
  9. Rawal Lake.
  10. Zero Point.

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Qingyuan, China | by Melinda
near Osaka castle, Japan 
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Opaque  by  andbamnan