Hundertwasserhaus, Vienna (by Dragonovski)

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Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna
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Innsbruck, Austria
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Vienna, Austria


Library Porn

Admont Abbey Library, Austria

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Morning Light in Vienna
Vienna, Austria | by Peem

St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna (by Andrey Baydak)
Austrian Alps, Salzburg 
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Hallstatt, Austria | by Kainet

Schloss Eggenberg,  Planetary RoomBuilt post-1625 by north Italian architect and artist Pietro de Pomis as a residence for imperial governor Hans Ulrich von Eggenberg (1568-1634), Eggenberg Palace (Graz, Austria) was intended as a political statement. The house was designed as a huge allegory, a symbolic representation of the universe, where the erudite client set out his notion of an ideal world in an age of chaos and disintegration. 
Crucial for the status of Schloss Eggenberg as a large-scale work of art is a series of 24 state rooms centered on the large Planetary Room. The interiors are Baroque and Rococo, largely unchanged since the 18th century. The most notable feature is a series of over 500 17th-century ceiling paintings, forming a complex pictorial synthesis, eloquent of the early Baroque view of the world. 
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