The Old and the New
Empire State Building, Manhattan, NYC | by Cameron Booth
Wroclaw in 50mm
Wroclaw, Poland | by tadzio89
Boston, Massachusetts
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Sofia, Bulgaria | by leggeron | via allthingseurope

Avant Garde Hotel, Shenzhen | China (by Dcmaster)
Arcade ♦ Rome, Italy | by naromeel
Canals - Venice, Italy | by Matt Northam

The East River and New York City
l’hôtel de ville de Papeete (Papeete town hall) Tahiti, French Polynesia.
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Dubai, UAE | via Happy Travels & Amazing Destinations
St Louis skyline 
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St Louis, Missouri
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Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year! ♦ Alkmaar, North Holland, The Netherlands | by Allard One
Pastel Shades of Nice ♦ Nice, France | by Stewart White
Opaque  by  andbamnan