Kayak in the Emerald Cave - Arizona, USA | by Pete Piriya

Cave Rafting - Qingyuan, China | by Melinda


Hintertuxer Gletscher - Hintertux Glacier - Ice Cave - Eispalast (by Stefan Skalla)
Hubiku Cenote ♦ Merida, Yucutan, Mexico | by Kaptah

Ocean Beach Sea Cave, San Francisco, CA (more places to go and see) 
A sea cave in San Francisco. On the other side is an opening that leads to the ocean. There is another collapsed tunnel with railroad tracks. Wonder what is up with that.

Gruta do Lago Azul | Brasil

Natural cave pool, Santorini


Shasta Caverns - (more places to go and see

These caverns are around 250 million years old, it was discovered by a wintu Amerindian named James Richardson who was chasing a bobcat up the mountainside, probably for extra money. They blew a lot of dynamite to create these passages to these rooms that were once flooded with water.

I was at a limestone cavern just a few weeks ago, but this one is incredible. You have to take a ferry across the lake to reach it, but I arrived during an off season was it was only me and another friend exploring for two hours. Kind of amazing there is spelunking opportunities in a cave this beautiful. 

The cavern was dripping wet and had little streams of water - and depending on what time of the year you go, there are flocks of bats.

I do not have a very good camera, excuse the quality. Here is a good song for it.

The Marble Caves ♦ Chile | by Andrew Waddington


Mercer Cavern, California (more places to go and see

Discovered by an American miner who was resting besides a plant on a hillside when he noticed a strange breeze. He used his tools to create a fist-sized hole and thought he struck gold. He hired a geologist to investigate his find after purchasing the claim for one dollar, while he didn’t find precious metals, he stumbled on a cave of “living limestone ” His wife sewed him special gloves so he would not destroy the cavern with human finger oils, which prevents further growth and darkens the rocks. Limestone in Mercer Cavern relies on water to form, human skin oils would cause the water to roll right off. ); These babes take millenniums to form; respect your elders! 

It is incredible how they explored this place in the past with nothing but ropes, for lighting, all they had was a paddle with a single candle held in between the teeth, as the hands were preoccupied with climbing. If you look down, fire to the face! I read that some people’s beards were set ablaze and caused a number of accidents, heh. Anyways, go and enjoy the gorgeous stalactites, speleothems, and stalagmites.

You’ll be climbing down an equivalent of 16 stories. Not recommended for fear of heights. 

(confession this song was playing in my head as i was climb down)


Beautiful formations inside Grotte di Frasassi, Marche, Italy (by Turismo.Marche).
Khao Luang Cave, Petchaburi, Thailand
Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain
Opaque  by  andbamnan