Morning Rush
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Canterbury, England 
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Houses of Parliament 
London, England | by cherigrace
Beachy Head Take Two
East Sussex, England | by cherigrace

Stratford-upon-Avon, England
Bolton Abbey
Wharfedale, Yorkshire, England | by Crazy Horse
Built to Last
Cornwall, England | by Raymond Bradshaw
London, England April 2014
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   Temple Gardens, London. (my photo)
 # the Inns of Court are London’s best kept secret
 #I loved them desperately

   Church Street, Rye, East Sussex, England.
   I am home (to the internet as well) after the holiday of happy happy happiness that will live in my heart forevermore. **dreamy sigh**
   Really, it was all as lovely as this photograph. I cannot even formulate one of my silly neologisms to describe it. (my photo)

   King’s Bench Walk, Middle Temple, London. (my photo)
   Visiting the Inns of Court:

   The Inns of Court are only open 12.30-3:00 in the afternoons, M-F, no bank holidays, so plan to be there at noon. The entrance to Middle Temple Lane is just where the Strand becomes Fleet Street, to your right if you’re walking towards Fleet Street. You will think you aren’t allowed to enter because a long barrier reading NO ACCESS or something like that stretches beneath the entrance archway, and there is a man sitting inside a booth like a sentry on the lookout for eager explorers. It definitely puts you off.
   Rest assured, however, that the sign is for CARS (they may not enter) You are free to stroll past Scary Man, as long as you are properly dressed (no trainers/tennis shoes, hoodies, that sort of thing) and you must behave yourself in a very dull fashion or they will throw you out. You cannot shout or run around or ride a bicycle or spin like a top and cartwheel across the gardens in a short skirt. These are LAW COURTS! You must behave. You won’t care, though, because the place is so fabulous even I behaved myself and that is extremely unexpected.
   Inner Temple and Middle Temple are connected by a multitude of labyrinthine passageways and courtyards and Narnian portals and the allotted two and a half hours will pass very very quickly. My BFF and I went to Inner and Middle Temples one day and Lincoln’s Inn and Gray’s Inn (the other two) the next.
   Lincoln’s Inn is easily reached from the Gothic Revival glory that is the Royal Courts of Justice building, on the other side of the street (the Strand). Follow the enormous building until you can turn left up Chancery Lane, which may be my favourite street in the whole city it is EXTREMELY EXCELLENT! Walk up and down that first (you’ll see the back of the Tudor Lincoln’s Inn building- it’s the oldest of the law courts, founded in 1422); then at the bottom of the street turn into Carey Street and begin your explorations into glory.
   Gray’s Inn is north of Lincoln’s in Holborn, and isn’t as attractive or thrilling as the other three; but the others I would rate my number-one- can’t-miss London attraction. 

Big Ben, London
A Little Bit Of Summer
Cornwall, England | by Raymond Bradshaw
London, England
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Opaque  by  andbamnan