Lady’s Lane, Mears Ashby, Northamptonshire, England | by mickey_b
Bagni del Masino, Lombardy, Italy | by corrado orlo

(by marialuiza396)

France - Pont d’Espagne by Grégoire Sieuw

Gradara - Italy (von Anguskirk)

Haghartsin Monastery, Armenia | Areg Amirkhanyan
Feeling Small
Austria | by: Angelika Hörschläger
Buscot Park
Oxfordshire, England | by Darrell Godllman
Fontfroide Abbey
Narbonne, France | by Paul Smeets
Venice, Italy | by Emjaysea
Paris, France - walking back to my aunt’s house from taking a boat ride on Bateaux Mouches. 
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Gondola ride in Venice, Italy
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Secret staircase in the Fern Garden of Blarney Castle, Ireland
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Hexagonal rocks of the Giant’s Causeway, near Bushmills, Northern Ireland
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Opaque  by  andbamnan