The Great Hall of Christ Church College, Oxford University - the inspiration for the Hogwarts Great Hall
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Ceiling of the British Museum, London
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Parade Gardens in Bath, England
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The millennium bridge leading to St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, England
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The Wales Coast Path - named the top region in the world to visit by Lonely Planet (2012)


   London, where magic meets reality. (my photos)

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Victorian townhouse in Peckham, South East London, United Kingdom
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Just Before Dawn.
London, England (Tower Bridge)
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Sometimes you feel like a man, sometimes you feel like a mouse!
“Cats the musical" is coming to London this year, but this looks like the cats (and very big ones at that) have already arrived!
I hope they don’t escape!
Regent’s Canal, London
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Arthur’s Seat from Holyrood Palace - Edinburgh, Scotland
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Kersey - Suffolk - England (von teresue) 
Amberley Castle Trellis
Sussex, England | by Cheri  (enchantedengland)
Opaque  by  andbamnan