Honolulu’s Crater ~ By Florens Seine
Oahu, Hawaii, USA
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Located on the southern tip of Hawaii’s Big Island, Papakōlea Beach is more commonly referred to as Green Sand Beach. And for good reason. The sand here is made of tiny olivine crystals from the surrounding lava rocks that are trapped in the 49,000-year-old Pu’u Mahana cinder cone by the waters of Mahana Bay. One of only two green sand beaches in the World, the other being in Galapagos Islands.
summer sunset
Pipeline, Oahu
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Lanikai, Oahu
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Ehu Kai, Oahu. 
This tide pool comes every winter because of the tides.
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The Milky Way from Holua Cave, Haleakala National Park, Maui, Hawaii (by ahnate)


Aerial view of Nā Pali Coast, Kauaʻi Island / Hawaii (by thisyearsboy).
Falls over Molokai
Hawaii, USA | by Brad Schelton
Location: Hawaii
Credit: Kim
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United States: Hawaii 

The Hawaiian Islands are made up of volcanic activities and the peaceful rainforests. From indigenous marine life and with friendly seasonal visitors, the warm waters of the island of Hawaii are the home of many different marine animals that can easily be found- if you know where to look. The Kona Coast is an amazing place to discover manta rays at night. Thousands of humpback whales visit the warm water of Hawaii between November and March, especially encountered at the north of the Kohola Coast. These marine mammals migrate from seas as far as Alaska and head to the south in the winters. Commonly spinner dolphins swim throughout Hawaii and ride in the wake of your boat. Although the green sea turtles are a threatened species worldwide, the Hawaiian green sea turtles, also called honu, are the most common turtles found in Hawaii. Honus are mostly found at the Kona Coast or resting on the sands of the Kahaluu Beach.



Sunset at Kiholo Bay by rubinphoto on Flickr.
Tantalus - Oahu, Hawaii
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Logs, North Shore of Oahu
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Opaque  by  andbamnan