Forest Stairway
Mt. Si, Washington, USA | by Alex
Victoria Trails, British Columbia, Canada | by Ben D. Johnson

Oh my, I thought I had lost the high quality of this photo forever. I posted some cruddy JPEGs of this before, but nothing with a higher definition. I was cleaning my room and found an old, old broken camera 2001-model with photographs of my first major climb I did in 2011. I was supposed to do a 22 mile climb to Thousand Island Lake in a day, but I barely made it halfway and became so exhausted and had to turn around at Summit Lakes (here), and was so sore I could not walk for a week. I was so inexperienced, I had shoes with holes in them and two water bottles with me. I learned the hard way for sure.
I was so enchanted by how gorgeous it was, I trained and trained every single weekend on the mountains for half a year then came back and made it with daylight to spare. This place will always hold a special place in my heart as the climb that opened my eyes to all the treasures hidden deep in the wilderness and a testament to what adamant will can do.
Up Morro do Anhangava, Quatro Barras, Brazil.
This hill is visited by many people, skilled hikers or not. It takes about 2 hours to go up and down, depending on how fast or slow you want to go. In tupi-guarani, Anhangava means the place where the devil lives.
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Mount Whitney, California (more hikes!)

The tallest mountain in the continental United States, rising above 14,505 feet/4,421 meters tall. I did a horrible thing and attempted it without acclimating and had been awake for 60 hours due to work. I was unable to breathe properly, my fingers swelled and I felt dizzy and nauseated. A wise person would turn around, but I am stubborn. AMS can kill if it develops into high altitude pulmonary edema or high altitude cerebral edema so it is no joke. It is ideal to camp at near the portal for two days in advance, and try smaller hikes at higher elevations to adjust to the thinner air. REI writes 70% of Whitney attempts end in failure because people do not prepare properly.  Somehow I made it! But please don’t do anything of the things I did because it is reckless, stupid and could easily end badly.


Lost Coast Trail, California, Part 1 (more places to go and see

Length: 50 miles round trip (optional shuttle midway)

I went backpacking with two friends to the Northwestern region of California. We did not trek across the entirety of LCT, but also climbed into the mountains into some uncharted territory. First night we stayed in an abandoned lighthouse, which was interesting. Then we trekked past a destroyed and abandoned house into the mountains, through a roaming pasture and the mountain into a creek.

If you are interested in attempting this area, you absolutely must have a tidal chart or else the sea will carry you away and there is absolutely nowhere to run if you are in the unpassable region.  The average mileage on this trail is seven a day; it seems low, but don’t risk getting caught between the high tides. Climbing on sand is very painful and slow, especially if you are lugging a 50 pound backpack.

Here are two nice .psf file for this place. This is probably more appropriate.

To Part 2 of this venture.

Into the Bamboo Forest ♦ Pipiwai Trail, Maui, Hawaii | by Danielle Hughson


Stantislaus National Forest  (more places to go and see

I cannot take finals anymore. I had to go hitch a ride with some folks who turned out to be pretty friendly. I found myself in Stanislaus Forest in the Sierra Nevadas. It was once the home of the Mi-Wok people, who migrated within these regions for thousands of years. Around the 19th Century, American settlers came in from the east—immigration perpetuated by the Gold Fever. Town use to flourish here with waves of miners looking for riches; these days it is pretty sleepy. There are still tons of things to do, like caverns and giant sequoia forests

Luckily I averted a snow storm just a day prior, and enjoyed fresh powder snow and sunny skies. (`・ω・´) I borrowed snow shoes and trekked through the forests and mountains. 

This song played in my head as I went around.


San Bernardino Mountains – Mount Baldy – PART 3 (more places to go and see

Length: 12 miles

Trail: Manker Flats Loop

Here are links to the previous hikes in this area (LINK 1, LINK 2). I went during a snow storm. Luckily my friend loaned me a lot of gear.

Triangle Pass, Colorado, USA
Cumberland Island, Georgia
Lake District, Cumbria, England
Juan de Fuca Trail, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
Tai Hang Mountain Trails, Taiwan
Mingo Falls, Cherokee, North Carolina
Opaque  by  andbamnan