The Pergamon Museum in Berlin houses the enormous Ishtar Gate, originally from sixth-century BC Babylon
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Interiors of Topkapi PalaceIstanbul - August 2013

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Dome of the Mihrab, Mezquita–catedral de Córdoba, Spain


The only way to enjoy the beauty of this mall is to excessively swear in amazement.

Galeries Lafayette in Paris, France


antwerp central station.november 2013
Interior of the Reichstag Dome in Berlin, Germany
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Kibble Palace
Glasgow Botanical Garden, Glasgow, Scotland | by Jon Reid
Hagia Sophia
Istanbul, Turkey | by Kaptah
The Music Room
Esfahan, Iran | by _skynet
Looking up to the ceiling of the Vienna Opera House
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Milan, Italy | by KB

Versailles, France
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Taking flight in Porto
By Stephen Max Cunningsworth
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Small and bright miracles.

urgh this is ridiculously beautiful 
Opaque  by  andbamnan