Brienz, Switzerland | by Patryk Sadowski
Eagle Lake beginning to unfreeze from the recent winter in the Sierra Mountains.  
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Gokyo Lakes, Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal | Feng Wei

Attabad Lake, Pakistan | Riyan Babu
Woods Canyon Lake, AZ
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Flickr » Crater Lake: Arms | Shahid Durrani

Lake Endine, Bergamo, Italy
Blue Lake
Hokkaido, Japan | by Said Karlsson

Oh my, I thought I had lost the high quality of this photo forever. I posted some cruddy JPEGs of this before, but nothing with a higher definition. I was cleaning my room and found an old, old broken camera 2001-model with photographs of my first major climb I did in 2011. I was supposed to do a 22 mile climb to Thousand Island Lake in a day, but I barely made it halfway and became so exhausted and had to turn around at Summit Lakes (here), and was so sore I could not walk for a week. I was so inexperienced, I had shoes with holes in them and two water bottles with me. I learned the hard way for sure.
I was so enchanted by how gorgeous it was, I trained and trained every single weekend on the mountains for half a year then came back and made it with daylight to spare. This place will always hold a special place in my heart as the climb that opened my eyes to all the treasures hidden deep in the wilderness and a testament to what adamant will can do.

Mary Lake | Lake O'Hara by Steffen Sauder | Flickr

Lake Powell by Gleb Tarro
Utah, USA

Boomerang Lake, Desolation Wilderness, July 1999 (by Martin Swett)

  Gokyo lake | Wigrom Amorndara

Lake Hillier, Western Australia: A naturally pink lake

Lake Louise
Opaque  by  andbamnan