Looking for Peace

Los Angeles, California, USA | by Wally Gobetz (artwork by Eduardo Kobra)


LA: Griffith Observatory | Khris Griffis
View of Los Angeles at Dusk
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Los Angeles, California, USA,
Photography by Moeen Eshraghi
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The City of Angels in Artifact

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Griffith Observatory Sunrise
Los Angeles, California, USA | by William McIntosh
Universal Studios. Photo By David Hanjani
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City of Angels - Los Angeles Skyline
Credit: Flickr
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Skyline of Los Angeles - Los Angeles, California, USA | by Jim Tsang

by Joshua Gunther
Los Angeles, California
Downtown Los Angeles, California
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Los Angeles from Griffith Observatorysubmitted by: nataliecc, thanks! 
Los Angeles, California
Opaque  by  andbamnan