Enjoying nature at Eden Nature Park, Davao, Philippines
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Slovenia | Martin Elekanic

Warm sunrise || Leonid Tit

Cheyenne River Valley by Bonny Fleming


   Foliage of Sussex: a red tree in Arundel, cottage gardens at East Dean, trellis in Amberley Castle courtyard (my photos)

   Sorry sorry my computer has not been working I will do better in July. I do not blame you if you do not believe this, since generally I am just being lazy, but it is actually true.


Blyde River Canyon, South Africa | Leon Jacob

Normandy, France (by pierre m)  

Menchum Falls, Cameroon [4/32 World Cup Countries]
Qingyuan, China | by Melinda
The Avenue of Giants
Shively, California, USA | by Andrew Wagner
A natural underwater path
Eynort, Scotland  | by Paul and Mhairi Carroll
"White Thunder of Sitaantaagu" (2014)
by Felisa Tan
Location: Mendenhall Glacier (Originally “Sitaantaagu” - meaning: “The Glacier Behind the Town” in Tlingit), Juneau Icefield, Alaska
_______________________________________10,000 YEARS IN THE MAKING, Mendenhall Glacier, a scenic grandeur, along with the other glaciers of Alaska are ones of the last traces of American wilderness and the Ice Age. There was something compelling about the distant rumble, that roared just before it calved and blocks of icebergs crashed into the inland sea. The anticipation, the uncertainty - so mysterious, so majestic. A distinct symphony of creaks and growls - the white thunder, the Tlingits call it.


Drakensberg, South Africa
Hougaard Malan

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Canterbury, New Zealand | by Jannes Glas
Opaque  by  andbamnan