Dawn Patrol at Great Reno Balloon Race
Reno, Nevada, USA | by Beau Rogers
Sunset at Lake Tahoe
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Lake of the Sky

Lake Tahoe - Nevada - USA (von D.H. Parks)
Tahoe, Nevada
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Lost in Las VegasLas Vegas, NV
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Boomerang Lake, Desolation Wilderness, July 1999 (by Martin Swett)
Lonely Tree
Topaz Lake, Nevada, USA | by Tom Horton

Penstemons, Tahoe National Forest
Photograph by Raymond Gehman, National Geographic 
A field of penstemons surround burnt out tree trunks in Tahoe National Forest, Nevada.
Lou Ruvo in Hot Pink
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA | by Rich Greene

Fly Geyser, Reno
Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas
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Fire Wave ♦ Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada, USA | by Joseph Rossbach
Opaque  by  andbamnan