Sunset at Lake Tahoe
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Lake of the Sky

Lake Tahoe - Nevada - USA (von D.H. Parks)
Tahoe, Nevada
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Lost in Las VegasLas Vegas, NV
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Boomerang Lake, Desolation Wilderness, July 1999 (by Martin Swett)
Lonely Tree
Topaz Lake, Nevada, USA | by Tom Horton

Penstemons, Tahoe National Forest
Photograph by Raymond Gehman, National Geographic 
A field of penstemons surround burnt out tree trunks in Tahoe National Forest, Nevada.
Lou Ruvo in Hot Pink
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA | by Rich Greene

Fly Geyser, Reno
Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas
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Fire Wave ♦ Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada, USA | by Joseph Rossbach


Stantislaus National Forest  (more places to go and see

I cannot take finals anymore. I had to go hitch a ride with some folks who turned out to be pretty friendly. I found myself in Stanislaus Forest in the Sierra Nevadas. It was once the home of the Mi-Wok people, who migrated within these regions for thousands of years. Around the 19th Century, American settlers came in from the east—immigration perpetuated by the Gold Fever. Town use to flourish here with waves of miners looking for riches; these days it is pretty sleepy. There are still tons of things to do, like caverns and giant sequoia forests

Luckily I averted a snow storm just a day prior, and enjoyed fresh powder snow and sunny skies. (`・ω・´) I borrowed snow shoes and trekked through the forests and mountains. 

This song played in my head as I went around.

Opaque  by  andbamnan