Mountain meander by Grant Shimmin (2006)
New Zealand
Queen Charlotte Sound, Picton, New Zealand | by Colten Rocha

(via 500px / Devil’s Punchbowl by Graeme Kelly)
Reaching Branches
Auckland, New Zealand | by PerkyBeans
Onawe Peninsula, New Zealand
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Queen Charlotte Sound, New Zealand.
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Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand.
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Anonymous asked:

What do you think of New Zealand?

  • super awesome place yo
  • mountains and beaches all up next together
  • beautiful, jaw dropping. mind blowing landscape
  • sheep
  • north island
  • south island
  • auckland
  • wellington
  • more sheep
  • lord of the rings
  • hobbits and elves and dwarves oh my
  • this amazing dystopian teen drama from the early 00s called The Tribe that used to come on at 2am with hot people running around with face paint in warring factions where all the adults had been wiped out by some kind of virus yet electricity was somehow their biggest problem and it was amazing 10/10 show but I promise I’m not basing all my knowledge of New Zealand from this show I just really enjoyed it 
  • kiwis
  • rugby
  • native Māori population got there first
  • just chillin to the east of australia all laid back and cool like the aussies wish they were that legit
  • for some reason I got on an New Zealand Immigration emailing list and sometimes it’s tempting I have to tell you
  • top 10 bucket list country
  • disclaimer that I’m an ignorant American and this is full of stereotypes and cliches etc etc I mean no offense to the lovely country of New Zealand I promise to learn more (also why I’m not doing more of these so please stop sending them to me)
  • yay sheep



Lake Pukaki, New Zealand | by Stuck in Customs

South Island, New Zealand by AtomicZen : )

Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand | Dominic Kamp

Way to Milford Sound by  Jackie Wu
Picton Bay, New Zealand
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Coast outside Milford Sound (by lachlansear)

Highway to Milky Way (New Zealand) by Preedee Kanjanapongkul
Opaque  by  andbamnan