Sanibel - Florida - USA (von nbenadom)
Summer’s End
West Springfield, Massachusetts, USA | by Tom Cadrin
Feeling Small
Austria | by: Angelika Hörschläger
Peaks of Hong Kong
Hong Kong | by Jaylie Wong


A night on the town

London City Hall on the south bank of the Thames
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Badlands Light Painting by Shane Michael Black on Flickr.
Voie Nuit
Amsterdam, The Netherlands | by Alexander
Shanghai at Night
Pudong Shanghai, China
» includes The Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center, Super Brand Mall, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium
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Milky Way
Geuondeok-Myeon, Kangwon-Do, South Korea | by Leigh MacArthur
Bridges to Brooklyn - New York City
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Cosmo World.
Yokohama, Japan.
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Stockholm - Sweden (von aditya karnad)
Manila Bay at Night
Manila, Philippines
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Roanoke, Virginia
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Opaque  by  andbamnan