Gondola traffic jam in the canals of Venice
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New York City - New York - USA (von Thomas Hawk)
Sunset at Tsuen Wan Harbour, Hong Kong
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The world’s highest resolution visualization system, created by NASA
Moffatt Field, Mountain View, California, USA | by Alex Stoll


Grand Canyon Milky Way by Wayne Pinkston on Flickr.

summer sunset
Pipeline, Oahu
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'Market Roof' - Athens, Greece
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Brooklyn Bridge
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Moizz Street - Cairo - Egypt (von khowaga1)
Noordhoek Beach, Cape Town, South Africa
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Tokyo fishmarket, Japan
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Florence, Italy
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Brookfield Place, Toronto, Ontario, Canada | by Philipp Klinger

Colors along the Nile, Nubia / Egypt (by Ali M.Sabry).
Lake Nojiri, Japan 
Tanning & Lakeing
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Opaque  by  andbamnan