Over the Clouds by Jonathon Cyr 
The Ottawa Valley Taken from Champlain Lookout, Gatineau Park, Quebec
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Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal, in Montreal, Quebec.
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Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Some of the oldest remnants of the European expansion into Canada can still be seen in the historic centres of Eastern cities like Quebec City. The stone, tree lined streets feel more like Europe than stereotypical Canada.

Château Frontenac, Quebec City, Canada (by edji).
Old Montreal - Montreal, Quebec, Canada | by Songquan Deng
Basilica of Saint Anne de Beaupre in Quebec, Canada 
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Quebec, Canada
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Quebec, Canada
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Montreal, Quebec, Canada 
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Iles de la Madeleine ♦ Quebec, Canada | by indigonat
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.
Old part of Quebec City
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Longueuil, Quebec, Canada

Always a lovely city. 
Quebec, Canada
Opaque  by  andbamnan