Here Comes Summer
Southerton, Devon, England | by Andrew Turner
The Palace of Winds - Jaipur, India | by Melinda
A Corner of Venice - Venice, Italy | by Ionut Iordache

Red house in Romania  | via romaniankingdom 
Riva Del Garda, Italy | by S719
Tulip Festival, Washington State, USA | by Clear Cool Blue

The Czech Republic - Prague: Old World Charm by John & Tina Reid

Fukuroda Falls (By Shiruchi)
Tulips and Windmills ♦ Shagerbrug, North Holland, The Netherlands | by Henk Meijer
Piazza Maggiore ♦ Bologna, Italy | by miemo

Riva del Garda | Italy (by S719)
Streets of Dingle ♦ Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland | by Megan Ahrens

Prague, Czech Republic
Opaque  by  andbamnan