The Road to Home
Kentucky, USA | by Kena
The Avenue of Giants
Shively, California, USA | by Andrew Wagner
Hot air balloon at the covered bridge - Quechee, VT
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Cannon Beach, Oregon  |  Joseph Burke

Bends by Giuseppe Maria Galasso
Enlightened Journey
Trent Park, London, England | by Gary Donnison Photography

Virginia, United States by Timothy Cuffe Jr
White Gate on the Road To Nowhere
Land’s End, Cornwall, England | by Joe Daniel Price
Sunset Trees (Australia) by Me
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Eagle Road | Norway [via/more] By Xia Oran

Untitled by Andy Bokanev | Flickr
Washington, US
Doolin, Ireland near the Cliffs of Moher
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leading line shot by SAUD ALRSHIAD 2 سعود الرشيد on Flickr.

Long and Winding by Cameron Booth
Puerto de las gargantas de Dades
Dades Gorge, Morocco | by Unaitx0
Opaque  by  andbamnan