La Alhambra, Granada, Spain
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Monserrat Monastery, Spain
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Frigiliana - Spain (von Gerard Arcos)

Monastery Of Montserrat Spain 
Alicante, Spain
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statues-and-monumentsTorre del Gallo by Habladorcito The Old Cathedral, Salamanca, Spain
Milky Way II
Touriñán, Galicia, Spain | by darkrigel
Palacio de Cibeles, Madrid, Spain
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New Gate, Granada, Spain
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Close to Lago Verde in Lanzarote. Black sand on a cliff overlooking the sea. 
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Canary Islands, Spain
vous-faire asked:

Maybe you can help me or someone else who reads it. I am graduating this year and I want to go to Spain for an internship but I haven't found a good one. Which city would be the best? I want to go to Barcelona so fucking much. Can someone tell me how it is to study abroad or go for something like this?

I really don’t have practical advice for studying abroad, sorry.

Who can help her out?


Granada, Spain 
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Dome of the Mihrab, Mezquita–catedral de Córdoba, Spain
Covadonga, Asturias, Spain | by Patrica Garcia
Opaque  by  andbamnan