Hazy Sunrise (China) by danielpivnick
Dawn Patrol at Great Reno Balloon Race
Reno, Nevada, USA | by Beau Rogers
Just Before Dawn.
London, England (Tower Bridge)
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Warm sunrise || Leonid Tit


4,320 meters above sea level in the mountains of Chile, the El Tatio geyser has been spewing scalding hot steam for thousands of years. 

Photographer Owen Perry traveled to the remote region and captured some incredible photos of the geyser right before sunrise.

Chile’s El Tatio Geyser Captured Just Before Sunrise

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Woodgate, Queensland, Australia
Sunrise by N Swinbourne on Flickr
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NY #2 (by André Viegas)

Before sunrise in old Sana’a, Yemen (by Maciej Stangreciak).
makapu’u sunrise, oahu
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sunrise - the best moment of the day… by Jørn Allan Pedersen
Volcano sunrise in Chile
 photo: Brandon DeMont
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Griffith Observatory Sunrise
Los Angeles, California, USA | by William McIntosh
A walk along the edge
Coogee, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia | by Andre Distel

Watching the sunrise from the top of Mount Xiang Gong (Guilin of China). Sunrise by Tian Ma
Ternate Indonesia 
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Opaque  by  andbamnan