Arusha, Tanzania 
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aerial of a beach in Ngagu (by Farl )

 Ras Nungwi Resort | Zanzibar, BeyondBordersMedia
View from the top of Kilimanjaro.
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I took this one on the narrow alleys in Stone Town, Zanzibar.
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Ras Nungwi Resort
Zanzibar, Tanzania | by Beyond Borders Media
Zebras in Tanzania, 2011, Darby Miller
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The Rock Restaurant in Zanzibar, Tanzania.  
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St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Stonetown, Zanzibar, Tanzania
Zanzibar, Tanzania
Ngorongoro, Tanzania
Babati, Tanzania.
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Tarangire National Park, Tanzania
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At the Zanzibar Port
Taken by : Kamwende
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Zanzibar, Tanzania by Stefan
Opaque  by  andbamnan