Forest Stairway
Mt. Si, Washington, USA | by Alex


Lost Coast Trail, California, Part 1 (more places to go and see

Length: 50 miles round trip (optional shuttle midway)

I went backpacking with two friends to the Northwestern region of California. We did not trek across the entirety of LCT, but also climbed into the mountains into some uncharted territory. First night we stayed in an abandoned lighthouse, which was interesting. Then we trekked past a destroyed and abandoned house into the mountains, through a roaming pasture and the mountain into a creek.

If you are interested in attempting this area, you absolutely must have a tidal chart or else the sea will carry you away and there is absolutely nowhere to run if you are in the unpassable region.  The average mileage on this trail is seven a day; it seems low, but don’t risk getting caught between the high tides. Climbing on sand is very painful and slow, especially if you are lugging a 50 pound backpack.

Here are two nice .psf file for this place. This is probably more appropriate.

To Part 2 of this venture.


Tumbledown Mt., Chimney Trail | Maine (by davensuze)
Makapu’u Point Lighthouse Trail
Oahu, Hawaii
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Silverdale, Lancashire, England
Hachimantai, Japan
Juan de Fuca Trail, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
Gemonde, The Netherlands
Tai Hang Mountain Trails, Taiwan
Provence, France
Little Woodhouse, Leeds, England
Mingo Falls, Cherokee, North Carolina
Crabtree Falls, North Carolina
Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria 
Opaque  by  andbamnan