Like many people, my blog just started out as a place where I could escape and dream about traveling. Then I decided to stop dreaming and start doing. I bought a plane ticket and traveled Europe solo, minimalist style with a tiny bag, for two and half months after graduating college. Now I post my own travel photography, offer travel tips and am currently planning my next two trips. Travel isn’t just  a hobby for me, but a lifestyle. 
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Sun Falls on New York City
Midtown Manhattan, NYC | by Thomas Hawk
Anhui, China | by chenroom
Qasr Awlad Sultan, Tatawin, Tunisia | by Alfredo Miguel Romero
Oregon Coast
Oregon, USA | by Jesse Estes
Amberley Castle Trellis
Sussex, England | by Cheri  (enchantedengland)
On the edges
Limousin, France | by Fougerouse Arnaud
Ploumanach, Brittany, France | by Yannick Lefevre
Imperial City of Hué
Thura Thien-Hue, Vietnam | by Fougerouse Arnaud
Everything you can imagine is real…
Watkins Glen, New York, USA | by Sandeep Thomas
Tehran, Iran
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Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan
A little shrine off to the side of the main temple at Asakusa. The sakura (cherry blossoms) are just starting to bloom. 
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Olympic National Stadium commonly known as the BIRD NEST
O;ympic Park
Beijing, China
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The Great Wall of China
Beijing, China
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Ride to the Duck & Waffle
London, UK
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Opaque  by  andbamnan