Badlands National Park, USA.  
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From an old road trip. Yaya boi, welcome to Weed.

Lake Hillier, Western Australia: A naturally pink lake


vancouver aquarium, may 2013. photos andy clark

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Santorini, Greece | by Kaptah
Legit Treehouse by dreamxinfinity.
The Gibbons Experience, Laos, Huay Xia.
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    “[I painted the drab and uniform communist-style buildings with bright and strong colors as] a wake-up call for people.  Bringing people in was not through words, but through giving them signs that yes, the city can be livable and so, everyone can enjoy it.  The effect was fantastic because people started to participate and then started to reshape their shops and everything so they felt safer.  And this was a beautiful thing.  What you can do with colors, with greenery, with lighting, with public spaces, you can never do with police and law enforcement in a neighborhood where people have nothing to lose.”

    — Edi Rama, CNN PressRoom Blog

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A Maldives Beach Awash in Bioluminescent Phytoplankton Looks Like an Ocean of Stars

Salt farming, Salar de Uyuni
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The Music Room
Esfahan, Iran | by _skynet
Lampions and Flags
Hoi An, Vietnam | by Marcela
Prague, Czech Republic | by JMartinC
Mandalay Hill, Burma
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Animist totems protecting Tad Hua Khon waterfall, Sekong Province, Laos.
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Chinatown, Singapore
Chinese New Year Decorations
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Opaque  by  andbamnan