The Most Beautiful Abandoned Railway Station in the World

This is an abandoned railway station in Abkhazia, former Russian territory. It stays untouched since the collapse of USSR – the railway connection of Abkhazia and Russia stopped and railway station left out of demand so nature could take over the left-overs of Soviet architecture.

Found on English Russia, photos by Ilya Varmalov

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rainbow stairs - picture taken in Kadiköy, Istanbul (Turkey)
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minor street life (by Rockman of Zymurgy)
Type Of San Francisco, California Night. Photo By David Hanjani
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Purple Haze / Tribeca, NYC / August 2013
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Nemo at 42nd Street New York | Frank Hazebroek


winter in Portland by Scizzo

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Row Of Sakura At Night (by wolfives)
Albert Dock, Liverpool
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Streets of Amsterdam 
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This photo is taken in Brooklyn, NY.
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Colorful neighborhood - Madrid, Spain
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City of Angels - Los Angeles Skyline
Credit: Flickr
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Opaque  by  andbamnan