Purple Haze / Tribeca, NYC / August 2013
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Nemo at 42nd Street New York | Frank Hazebroek


winter in Portland by Scizzo

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Row Of Sakura At Night (by wolfives)
Albert Dock, Liverpool
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Streets of Amsterdam 
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This photo is taken in Brooklyn, NY.
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Colorful neighborhood - Madrid, Spain
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City of Angels - Los Angeles Skyline
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Avant Garde Hotel, Shenzhen | China (by Dcmaster)

Empire State By Night | Inge Johnsson
Old Montreal - Montreal, Quebec, Canada | by Songquan Deng


I was going through some of my thumb drives that i have collecting in a shoebox and found more of my London street shots. I actually have no memories attached to these captures, I think i just lifted up my camera and shot something while i was looking around elsewhere in awe. 

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Opaque  by  andbamnan