Street View ♦ Risdam, Hoorn, Netherlands | by gms
Hong Kong, China | by CoolBrieRe
Duomo Appearing - Florence, Tuscany, Italy | by jenni rose

Dubai Marina
Not all who wander are lost ♦ San Juan, Puerto Rico | by manyfires
New York Street Life ♦ Soho, New York City | by Flavio
Brooklyn Bridge, NYC
submitted by: Travis Feldman Photography (copyright), thanks!

The East River and New York City
Oxford Street
Soho Streets ♦ London, England | by Berk Aksen

42nd St. | New York (by Sunset Noir)
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New York City, New York, USA

| ♕ |  Corner Kafe in Copenhagen  | by © Chaulafanita
RRL ♦ Greenwich Village, New York City | by Flavio
Opaque  by  andbamnan