Venice, Italy | by Emjaysea
Gondola ride in Venice, Italy
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Architecture in Venice by Nastasiya-k
Venice, Italy
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Venice Sunset by Mathew Roberts on Flickr.

Burano, Italy. Island of Venice
A quiet, delightful island with picturesque pastel-colored houses.

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A quaint bookstore in Venice, Italy 
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Gondola traffic jam in the canals of Venice
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Ca’ d’Oro, with the Ca Pesaro to the left, and the campanile of the Frari in the background. 

Joerg Niggli - Venice in a Day

Bridge of Sighs | Ian Cameron | Venice, Italy 
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In the 19th century, Lord Bryon gave the Bridge of Sighs its name, from the suggestion that prisoners would sigh at their last view of Venice before being locked in their cells. Made of white limestone, the bridge passes over Rio di Palazzo and connects the Prigioni Nuove to the interrogation rooms at the Doge’s Palace. Designed by Antonio Contino, it was built in the 1600s. 
Venice, Italy | by Dan//Fi
Venice, Italy | by Begum Yilmaz
Venice, Italy
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Venice, Italy
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Opaque  by  andbamnan