Gondolier in Venice - Italy | by: Terenzio Hart

Street Cafe. Venice (by Peter Kirilov)
Location: Venice, Italy
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Passing By
Venice, Italy | by Thierry Hennet
Il Canal Grande
Venice, Italy | by Thierry Hennet
Venice, Italy
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Venice, Italy
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The Colorful Island of Burano, Italy

The island of Burano, a 40 minute boat ride from Venice, is a beautiful place with an equally colorful history. Burano is an old fishing village, and the fishing traditions of Burano date back to Roman times. Fishing is not the only source of income for Burano. The art of lace making has played a large role in Burano’s history.

Legend has it that a betrothed fisherman out at sea was given a wedding veil by a siren, and when he gave it to his betrothed; everyone tried to replicate it with needlework. Burano lace became famous. King Louis XIV was said to be wearing a Burano lace collar for his coronation and Leonardo Da Vinci purchased a piece for the main altar of the Duomo di Milano.

But what makes Burano different from the rest of the surrounding islands, is its rainbow of houses. Though these houses are beautifully painted and look like artwork, the reason for their vivid colors is quite practical. Years ago, the fishermen painted their houses bright colors so when they were coming home in the fog, they knew whose house was whose. That said, the colors of these houses have been in families for centuries. And, if you want to change the color of your house, you have to send in a request to the government.

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A Corner of Venice - Venice, Italy | by Ionut Iordache
Rialto Bridge over the Grand Canal - Venice, Italy | by mbell1975
St. Mark’s Campanile Bell Tower - Venice, Italy | by mbell1975

Venice, Italy
Venice, Italy | by Pug!
Colors of Burano - Burano, Venice, Italy | by Karmen Smolnikar
Palace on Grand Canal - Venice, Italy | by Marite2007
Opaque  by  andbamnan