Queen Charlotte Sound, New Zealand.
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Monaco at night
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Panoramic shot from on top of the Duomo’s Cupola in Florence, Italy
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Newcastle, Northern Ireland
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Los Angeles, California, USA,
Photography by Moeen Eshraghi
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Cabs on Fifth
By Mark Nicol
View of Paris from La Grand Roue (The Ferris Wheel) during Christmas time (hence the many people at the market stalls)
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Kassel, Germany (by Blick-licht)
The Ottawa Valley Taken from Champlain Lookout, Gatineau Park, Quebec
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Hohenschwangau - Bavaria - Germany (von rvtn)
Budapest, Hungary
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Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand.
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Cueva Ventana, Window Cave. Puerto Rico
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Zurich, Switzerland 
Photographed by Priscilla 
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Opaque  by  andbamnan