Fuji, Japan | by Yuga Kurita

Obertauern, Austria ~ by Axel Flasbarth via 500px

Vienna, Austria (by DavF)
Bowderstone-Lake District-UK
By Saffron Belle Barham
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“Looking Up(town)” 
AT&T Long Distance Building - Tribeca, NYC | May 2013
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“Central Viewfinder”
Top of The Rock - Rockefeller Center, NYC | April 2013
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Rio Tejo, Portugal
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Hetch Hetchy, California (more travelling)

A venture to Hetch Hetchy. It was once described by John Muir as being even more beautiful than Yosemite Valley, though it was dammed to provide water for the Bay Area urban areas. Muir protested:

That anyone would try to destroy [Hetch Hetchy Valley] seems; incredible; but sad experience shows that there are people good enough and bad enough for anything. The proponents of the dam scheme bring forward a lot of bad arguments to prove that the only righteous thing to do with the people’s parks is to destroy them bit by bit as they are able. Their arguments are curiously like those of the devil, devised for the destruction of the first garden. . . .

These temple destroyers, devotees of ravaging commercialism, seem to have a perfect contempt for Nature, and, instead of lifting their eyes to the God of the mountains, lift them to the Almighty Dollar.

Dam Hetch Hetchy! As well dam for water-tanks the people’s cathedrals and churches, for no holier temple has ever been consecrated by the heart of man.

One of my hiking friends told me there was a measure to move the dam and attempt to restore Hetch Hetchy to its former beauty, but I am not sure how that would be possible given the valley has been flooded and desecrated for literally 100 years (1913).

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The New York Vision. Photo By David Hanjani (Manhattan, New York)
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Porto Katsiki by VictorMk1 (read my profile) on Flickr.
Porto Katsiki, Greece

Bright Seaside City (Alicante, Spain)
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Manarola Colour
Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy | by John and Tina Reid
The Cinderella Series: Photo 2
"From the Princess’s Window" - Alcazar of Segovia, Spain
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Opaque  by  andbamnan