Hamburg, Germany | by Michael Schiller

(500px / Bad Schandau by Martin Rak)

Germany, Neuschwanstein \\ Tatiana Zharinova
Pink Minute
Madgeburg, Germany | by Prinz Wilbert
Ulm Minster (the tallest chuch in the world)
Ulm, Germany | by Jone
Mittenwald, Bavaria, Germany | by Kerstin

(by albany_tim)
A view across the Rhine in Dusseldorf, with the Rheinturm lit up.
Photograph taken by Amy Johnson.
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The sunset over the Rhine in Dusseldorf.
Photograph taken by Amy Johnson.
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Neuschwanstein - Germany
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Sunset over Cologne ~ By Sebastian Leistenschne
Location: Konstanz, Germany
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Bavaria, Germany


EUROPE: 07/09 - Day 8

As I’m only here in Berlin for a short while, there’s a tonne to do and see before I head off to Munich tomorrow. My hostel’s a little while away from the city centre (tourist landmarks) but luckily my Interrail ticket covers the use of the S-Bahn which is basically Germany’s equivalent of the Overground trains in London.

First off, a quick trip to the Zoologischer Garten where unfortunately didn’t have time to visit, but I trekked through the park nearby instead and headed towards Victory Column. Following my way down the Straße des 17. Juni to the Brandenburg Gate and the Murdered Jews of Europe Memorial. After, I decided to check out the other half of the inner city attractions such as parts of the old Berlin Wall, the Berlin TV tower and the Berlin Cathedral. I wanted to check out the International Design Centre and the Old National Gallery, but I’m sure that would have taken up a few hours of time I didn’t really have to see everything. I should have booked more than two nights here!

After yesterday’s day of nervous travel, not knowing what’s going on because of the language barrier, delayed trains and sitting round literally doing nothing, today’s been really fantastic.

Going to be honest, it’s starting to get lonely travelling by myself with only having little contact with people during the evenings, but I think if I have more days like this, then hopefully I’m going to get on with the next three weeks no problem :)

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Romerberg, Frankfurt, Germany | by tobfl
Opaque  by  andbamnan