Humboldt University, Berlin, by Thijs
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Dornumersiel, Germany
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Frohburg, Saxonia, Germany
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Dresden, Germany | by nils
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Hamburg, Germany | by Michael Schiller

(500px / Bad Schandau by Martin Rak)

Germany, Neuschwanstein \\ Tatiana Zharinova
Pink Minute
Madgeburg, Germany | by Prinz Wilbert
Ulm Minster (the tallest chuch in the world)
Ulm, Germany | by Jone
Mittenwald, Bavaria, Germany | by Kerstin

(by albany_tim)
A view across the Rhine in Dusseldorf, with the Rheinturm lit up.
Photograph taken by Amy Johnson.
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The sunset over the Rhine in Dusseldorf.
Photograph taken by Amy Johnson.
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Opaque  by  andbamnan