Canal d’amsterdam
Amsterdam, The Netherlands | by Alexander

Badlands Light Painting by Shane Michael Black on Flickr.
Lynn Canyon, British Columbia, Canada | by Melissa Chan


The Wales Coast Path - named the top region in the world to visit by Lonely Planet (2012)


Praia de Dona Ana, Lagos | Portugal (by Nacho Coca)
Moonrise Dusk
Saguaro National Park, Arizona, USA | by Beau Rogers
Pure Iceland | by CoolBieRe
Cinque Terre, Italy
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Mar del Plata, Argentina.
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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Central Park From the 70th floor of Rockefeller Center.
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Heybeliada Island Turkey
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The Wailing Wall, Jerusalem
This was taken a few hours before riots broke out in the Old City to protest the Israel/Gaza conflict that began July 8th. 
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Opaque  by  andbamnan